An Article from 1992 on the Earthquake[1]

Bible scholar and lecturer Chuck Missler got a taste of the frightening natural catastrophes that are prophesied to precede the Second Coming. Missler, who lectures in Utah at least three times a year, lives in Big Bear Lake, Calif.

"It was pretty wild," said Missler during a telephone interview Monday. "The first quake was a strange one - it was a roller. It went on and on and on."While no one was hurt in the Missler household, "We're smashed, wiped out," Missler said. "The house is still standing but everything in it is trashed. It took eight hours just to clear out the kitchen. All the crystal and collectibles are gone," said Missler, who recently gave up a career in international business for his full-time ministry, Koinonia House.

After the first quake was over, Missler went down the hill to keep a speaking engagement at a local church. "Rocks were rolling off the mountain, but they didn't hit me," he said. "While I was at church I heard that Big Bear Lake had been hit with its own quake. I could not get through for three hours. Finally, they let me go back up the hill."

Missler is a writer as well as lecturer and has thousands of books. He'll be spending a lot of time reshelving them. "Every book in the house came off the shelf," he said. "It took (my daughter) Lisa over an hour just clearing the books off the stairwell so I could get to my study," Missler said.

"No one is hurt, that's the main thing," Missler said. "It's strange up here in the mountains! Maybe I should move to Utah," he laughed.


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