Lyonshead Media

Lyonshead Media, was merged into Koinonia House as it's media wing in 2017.

Based at The River Lodge and owned by Koinonia International Trust, has an experienced technical team now leading the capture, editing, production and distribution of electronic publications (MP3, MP4, M4a, Audio CDs, DVDs) for Koinonia House. Members of this team have been at the forefront of the continuing series of technological changes in the publishing industry. Lyonshead Media technicians were among the pioneers of both advanced recording technologies (MP3, et al) as well as the packet switching technologies which led to the Internet. By exploiting adaptations to the emergence of the Internet and other forms of advanced electronic media networks, very efficient distribution and high leverage margins can result from proprietary branded products, as well as from interactive training and educational materials.

Chuck Missler moved with his late wife, Nancy, from the United States to New Zealand in 2010, after many previous visits there.