Whoops! Our Slip is Showing

It has come to our attention that portions of our book, The Magog Invasion, contain excerpts from a publication of Dr. Edwin Yamauchi that are insufficiently acknowledged.

This unfortunate result was caused by carelessness in drawing from speaking notes assimilated from over 25 years of public presentations on these and related subjects. Over four hundred endnotes testify to our attempt to properly reference the variety of materials that had been gleaned from past library research or gathered for our benefit. Assistance was also contributed by well-meaning volunteers, and material gathered during speaking tours, etc.

While we specifically and uniquely acknowledged our scholastic indebtedness to Dr. Yamauchi's several works in the front of the book, and in other endnotes, we are embarrassed to discover that substantial portions of Chapter 4 clearly appear to have been excerpted from Foes of the Northern Frontier, a book which is no longer in print.

(What compounds our embarrassment is that this was called to our attention in an earlier draft, and in our haste to make a publication deadline remedies were overlooked.)

There was no intent to harm or defraud either Dr. Yamauchi or Baker Book House. Our error was due to inexcusable carelessness and oversight.

Hal Lindsey, incidentally, supplied only a foreword and in no way was responsible for the content of the book. The responsibility is entirely our own.

This will, of course, be corrected in any reprints, revisions or related publications in the future.