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The link to the Koinonia House online store, where you can purchase all of Chuck Missler's available material is

Live Streaming and VOD's

KhouseTV provides hundreds of hours of both audio and video material of Chuck Missler's for a nominal monthly fee.
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Chuck states in the first session that you can't possibly Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, however, continues on to present what's widely considered one of the most informative overviews of the entire Bible in 24 one hour sessions.


A Los Angeles Times article reported that Missler and co-author Hal Lindsey had plagiarised a portion of Professor Edwin Yamauchi's 1982 book Foes From the Northern Frontier in their own 1992 book The Magog Factor.  Hal Lindsey's manager Paul Krikac said Missler had written the passages in question, but conceded that Lindsey is responsible for the overall manuscript. After the missed attribution was acknowledged by Missler and acknowledged in a letter (TMI_Letter.PDF), book shipments to bookstores were discontinued and all of the authors' proceeds donated to a ministry.[1]