A Los Angeles Times article reported that Missler and co-author Hal Lindsey had plagiarised a portion of Professor Edwin Yamauchi's 1982 book Foes From the Northern Frontier in their own 1992 book The Magog Factor.  Hal Lindsey's manager Paul Krikac said Missler had written the passages in question, but conceded that Lindsey is responsible for the overall manuscript. After the missed attribution was acknowledged by Missler and acknowledged in a letter (TMI_Letter.PDF), book shipments to bookstores were discontinued and all of the authors' proceeds donated to a ministry.[1]

Chuck Missler has also been accused of plagiarism of Michael Talbot's 1992 book The Holographic Universe in his 1999 book Cosmic Codes: Messages from the Edge of Eternity, a culmination of research and tidbits Chuck gathered over many years. Missler has also acknowledged this missed attribution of all sources and has since publicly apologised. He said a correction would be inserted in all unsold copies and the book itself and an updated bibliography in subsequent printings. Missler has donated all of the author's proceeds from the book to a ministry.

With the advances in technology (these days anyone can virtually take any piece of text, enter it online and get back required acknowledgement information), and a reorganisation of K-House's publishing department, we hope to avoid missed acknowledgements in future publications.


Since 2000 a lot of people have said that they cannot trust Chuck because of the "Hype he created" with regards to the Millenium Bug (Y2K bug) and some go as far as to say that Chuck 'invented the entire thing'. If you are unfamiliar with Y2K, here is the Wiki link to information about the problem: One of the things you will notice if you look at any material about Y2K, is that Chuck's name is not in it. One of the common statements when you look online "Chuck predicted Y2K and nothing happened," which, if you look at the above link it lists a number of Y2K related incidents. The point that Koinonia House was trying to make, was one of preparedness, which for those who purchased food, water, generators, etc. Those were all things which could be used up or sold on (Which many people did). The long and the short of it is that globally $400+ Billion was spent in preparation for Jan 1, 2000. You can also see a report by the BBC 15 Years after Y2K

'Have Heart' and the 'Heaven' KI Course by Steve Berger

Chuck Missler never endorsed the book 'Have Heart.'
The endorsement and the KI course, were written on his behalf by former employees of Koinonia House. These have been removed and the individuals involved are no longer associated with the K-House ministry. If you would like more information on this, feel free to email us at


Chuck has been accused of being a Freemason... He was not, nor ever has been. In fact, specifically, mentions some of the dangers of Freemasonry in session six of his briefing pack Expectations of the Antichrist.


Here is Chuck Missler talking about SWANSat in one of his Q&A Sessions  (The Video will link will take you to the right time in the video where SWANSat is discussed)

'Jesus Calling' by Sarah Young

Chuck has been accused of endorsing 'Jesus Calling' due to an article which was infact written by a former K-House Director and published in the monthly Spyglass magazine (which is no longer in publicationn.) These issues have been dealt with internally and the article, and subsequent endorsements, have been removed.


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